• Interfaces Optimised for Hospital Clinicians

  • Less time finding information

  • More time to spend with patients

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We are currently hard at work designing and developing the prototype. Leave us your email and we’ll keep you posted about our progress. If you are a hospital clinician or healthcare provider and would like to learn more, you can contact us directly at info@medcanvas.org.

About Us

Hospital clinicians are bombarded with an abundance of information making it harder for them to find what’s relevant and important. We are designing tools to address this problem. Our dashboards are designed in an intuitive way, presenting the most relevant and important patient data and making information retrieval easier. Our product quickly identifies patterns within a patient’s historical data to assist doctors in their decision making and optimise the patient data retrieval process, so doctors have more time to spend with their patients.

Optimised Interface Design

Our intuitive and intelligent interface organises patient data in a way that is obvious and natural to the user. Say goodbye to information clutter.

Superior Usability

We deliver easier navigation and smarter search resulting in fewer tabs and clicks.

Patient Profile Timelines

We graphically map the patient’s profile overtime, highlight patterns and providing the doctor with a better understanding of their medical history.

Easy Implementation

Med Canvas is designed as simple yet intelligent addition to existing electronic health record software allowing easy implementation and integration.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us directly via the form below or email us at info@medcanvas.org. We are particularly interested in meeting with hospital clinicians to get their feedback on our prototype.